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Genesys Logic's GL3520 USB 3.0 Hub Controller is Certified by USB-IF for SuperSpeed USB Hub

2014-01-15- 16:01
 Genesys Logic's GL3520 USB 3.0 Hub Controller is Certified by USB-IF for SuperSpeed USB HubDate:2013/04/10


INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Beijing, April 10, 2013 — Genesys Logic, Inc., a leading IC design company in mixed-signal, high-speed I/O technologies, today announced its high-performance USB 3.0 hub controller, GL3520, was certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for SuperSpeed USB Hub (TID: 330000028). This certification assures GL3520’s compatibility with USB 3.0 hosts and devices available in the market. With the Microsoft Windows 8 Hardware Certification it had received, the GL3520 proved itself yet again as a high-quality USB hub solution that fits seamlessly with the existing USB eco system and is well-suited for Windows 8 based systems.

The GL3520 USB 3.0 Hub controller features USB 3.0 PHY developed in-house by Genesys Logic and offers the best performance/cost and lowest power consumption on the market. It can be used in a variety of applications such as PCs, monitors, docking stations, retails, digital TVs and home entertainments. With the rising of ultrabooks and tablets, the docking station market is also thriving. In a docking station, the GL3520 not only meets the expansion requirements for peripherals but also achieves high data throughput and power efficiency. The GL3520 leads the industry with 0.9W power consumption when all four downstream ports are operating with SuperSpeed devices. The built-in 5V to 3.3V regulators save both cost and area on the PCB board. The GL3520 incorporates patented Smart Power Management that can dynamically switch the operating mode of downstream ports to ensure the quality of data flow. In addition, its firmware is upgradable and configurable based on customers’ needs for features such as the number of downstream ports, compound device and GPIO settings. The GL3520 supports both individual and gang mode and is available in QFN 88-pin and QFN 64-pin package.

Genesys Logic has been a leader in USB 3.0 design and development with multiple USB 3.0 device solutions on the market. What really distinguishes its products from the competitors’ is a robust USB 3.0 PHY that not only reduces manufacturing cost but also shortens the development time it takes for the customers to get their systems to the market. Looking forward, Genesys Logic is developing 10G SerDes technology that can be used in the upcoming 10G extension of the USB 3.0 standard.

Genesys Logic participates in Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2013 Beijing and demonstrates its USB 3.0 family of products in the SuperSpeed USB Community with booth number H5.


About Genesys Logic
Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic Inc. (TWO:6104) develops system controller ICs and interface controller ICs for high-speed I/O applications, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, IEEE 1394, PCI Express, Serial ATA up to 6.0Gbps and others. Its major products are USB Storage, USB Hub and scanner controllers.

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