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Nokia X6 version 8GB shells are too lazy to change

2013-12-13- 11:12   Power equipment

Project overview

Atmel remote technical support audio and video design application. According to their own docking solution from a variety of remote control interface in the freedom of choice. Can also remote control applications to take advantage of low cost, easy to implement, this application used by ZigBee? Atmel ATmega128RFA1 wireless AVR certification of RF4CE micro controller. Using the solution, through capacitive touch control to establish wireless environment complete, the remote wireless AVR single chip micro controller based on Atmel, low power external transceiver can also use are equipped with in line with IEEE 802.15.4 standard Atmel micro controller. Atmel remote control solution can be determined by highly optimized bill of material (BOM) and single chip processing for wireless and touch help enhance the RF network.

The core advantage

● wireless capacitive wireless AVR single chip microcontroller touch remote control can simplify the design of PCB based on

The use of the Atmel wireless platform ZigBee RF4CE certification can eliminate the barrier of transmission line

● Atmel SleepWalking intelligent peripherals can significantly reduce power consumption?

● can realize high speed data transmission in the remote control between the micro controller and peripheral equipment, but also reduces the processor overhead

Dual port SRAM, all AVR32 microcontrollers have been tightly coupled, can be quickly calculated, not due to pipeline stalls or system bus arbitration and delay

● Atmel FlashVault? The secret code and code protection of software intellectual property safely stored in the on-chip

● Atmel CryptoAuthentication? Can provide security and storage function

Scheme design

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