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The smart Internet appliance energy management system

2014-01-15- 16:01   Freescale

Project overview

The smart Internet appliance can run time extended electric energy costs, avoid the peak, for consumers to save electricity. In addition, the system can monitor energy consumption patterns, remind consumers in the home appliance maintenance, help to avoid downtime and expensive repair costs. This technology realized by means of wireless communication, measurement and control technology. Wireless communications can be used including Wi-Fi, PLCm or Zigbee. With the help of Zigbee communication, it can obtain energy price signals through the meter or home energy management system, and back by the local measurement circuit measured energy usage. The local controller can be used to set the conditions for household appliances, and to support the existing system controller / processor integrates a bypass or control circuit.

core advantage

● With high scalability, can meet the various needs of household appliances

● The mature ZigBee and wireless MBus software stack

Scheme design

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