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RF remote control

2014-01-17- 14:01   Freescale

Project overview

The occluded in easily, and the angle limitations, remote control infrared are eliminated based on demand, RF controller for constant growth based on. Fly think of Carle provides a solution based on RF4CE complete, for family entertainment outside today, including remote control, 3D glasses, keyboard and mouse. Can satisfy the users need more advanced products, does not affect the use time of the battery. The proposal uses the consumer electronics RF communication with the SoC MC13233 32MHz S08 kernel, with high performance, low power 802.15.4 radio, with multiple memory and peripherals configuration.

The core advantage

● integrated peripherals, designed for consumer electronics

● good operation and low power consumption current, can maximize battery life

● Communication faster and more reliable

● the bidirectional data communication

● multi vendor interoperability

Scheme design

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